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I hope Kristin is okay.

I hope Kristin is okay.

I feel really sorry for her. the passing of her father. death is never easy. I remember when my Dog passed away. I felt like the world was over. then my friend who died of a clot. at 33. I miss her terribly. she was the funniest,joyous person I have ever met. you know how Robin Williams can make any frown upside down? that’s how she was. :(

anyway, this isn’t about my life. it’s about Kristin’s.

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Kristin gets naked

not that kind of naked. she strips off her make up for a good cause. it’s amazing how naturally beautiful she is. my stepsister looks a lot like her and wears no make up and is stunning.

No make-up selfie for a good cause. @RodanFieldsHQ gives $1 per post today. There’s still time west coast! #RFGoNaked

— Kristin Adams (@kristinadamstv) July 26, 2014

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Kristin is at Comic Con in San Deigo
Glad Kristin Knocked Off The Christian Shit.

Glad Kristin Knocked Off The Christian Shit.

her Twitter once said “Mom of 2,married to Danny Adams,host,coffee junkie,believer of Christ.” or some shit like that and on her Facebook she posted some stupid religious post. maybe her talent agent told her to stop? not sure. it was just annoying. I don’t get people who believe in something they can’t see. sorry if I sound like an asshole. I’m just saying.

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City 2 City

Kristin and Danny are in a production of a series of showing the best of cities.

in this video Kristin and Danny visit a cupcake bakery. but, Danny is wearing a shirt that looks very familiar.

City 2 City from Stage 42 Productions on Vimeo.

if you haven’t guessed by watching the video. I’ll tell you. it looks like what Steve wore in Blues Clues. a kid show on the…

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Kristin & Danny are in the recording room

Kristin & Danny are in the recording room

I wonder what they’re recording? I haven’t Kristin play the guitar or sing in a long time. on AOTS she even said “I don’t sing much anymore” I mean it’s a decent voice. not over the top great. but, I am sure for certain folk songs. it would be good. (I am a composer)

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Kristin at Nick.

I wonder if she’s hosting again. I assume it’s at Nick. we’ll keep you posted.

My day at @NickelodeonTV #feltlikeakidagain

— Kristin Adams (@kristinadamstv) July 11, 2014

So grateful to work with this amazing director/producer duo. #dreamteam @chriskasick #LeslieLucey

— Kristin Adams (@kristinadamstv) July 11, 2014

The only beardless show…

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new video coming soon.

new video coming soon.

this is the template I am using and this is the music I am using.

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going away

the site will remain. but, I am going away for a while.

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I just put loops together

I just put loops together

I didn’t feel like writing a song. so, I took some loops from Reason and made this:

I am still making the Kristin fan video. just trying to find the right Template.

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