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a bug going around.

a bug going around.

the Heartbleed bug. (what kind of name is that? some emo freak made the bug?) anyway… it goes after users SSL (Secure Socket Layer) the little lock next to the url to make a site secure.  however, this site has no SSL. so nothing to worry about that. however, if this bug starts affecting passwords. that would be a problem if you do notice something strange in your account. or spam is being posted…

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looks like I’ll pass

looks like I’ll pass

I was thinking of getting the domain .community but it’s 40 bucks!

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you can eat all the donuts you want

you can eat all the donuts you want

she looks this good. I don’t think she has anything to worry about. :D

No self-control…

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Kristin Memes?

Hey everyone! what do you think of me making “Kristin Memes”? I think it would give her more credibility. I know work has been a struggle for her and lots of people whom I know. thinking of starting a page of all Kristin Memes.

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Kristin is having fun.

Kristin is having fun.

Not a bad office for the day :) @Medela_US bag in the shot…#workingmom

— Kristin Adams (@kristinadamstv) April 2, 2014

I don’t know why she likes Starbucks so much. lol it’s not that good and her website has a pic that says “coffee snob” I guess I am to.

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Earthquake On Friday,After Shocks Saturday,Rain On Sunday

Earthquake On Friday,After Shocks Saturday,Rain On Sunday


I was totally feeling Schaubled. over 100 aftershocks reported in LA. I magnitude 5.4 quake that was scaled down to a 5.1 (scientists…. SMH) anyway… anyone felt the earthquake or Aftershocks?

Kristin’s Twitter remains silent about it. the last time she said anything about Earthquakes was on St. Patrick’s Day. but, she is whopping ass in scrabble. :D

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we’ve removed Duo Security.

we’ve removed Duo Security.

a lot of companies rely on Duo Security problem is. users where leery. because you have to use your phone number to either call or SMS to use a code to get access into your account. it’s a nice feature and an added use of protection however, we understand that didn’t sit well with others. Captha’s are still turned on and other measures to protect others and giving the bots the finger (_!_)…

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am I the only one who thinks Tori Black looks like Kristin?

what do you think?
what song should I use in the next Kristin video.
I’ve added Duo Security to protect users accounts.

I’ve added Duo Security to protect users accounts.

what is Duo Security? Duo Security is a service where you use your cell phone. generated code is sent via SMS and using that has an extra form of security protection. I will also add this to the privacy policy. basically saying that third party plugins are not ran by Kristin Adams Fans and we have no way of knowing what they do. except the fact of being able to use plugins to run things of the…

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